Energy & Infrastructure

We specialise in large scale, award winning and market-leading Energy & Infrastructure transactions across the world - covering oil and gas, refining and petro化学制品, LNG, thermal 功率, renewables, 核, water and waste, 矿业, airports, roads and bridges, ports, stadia, telecoms, networks 和 rail related transactions.

我们采取行动的政府,赞助商,金融机构,承包商和供应商。我们丰富的经验劝告全方位的市场参与者的手段,我们能够 预计,重要的理解,交易过程中可能出现的,并找到他们建设性的解决方案的问题和困难。




WË有专家 施工 team which sits within our Energy & Infrastructure practice, which can advise on all 施工 documentation relating to a project. We also work everyday on drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, including supply agreements, offtake arrangements, agreements with government(s) 和 license agreements across the entire Energy & Infrastructure space. 

We provide sector focused advice within the context of M&A transactions, specifically around asset level due diligence and joint ventures as well as advice on regulatory 和 government agreements. 


Our specialist Energy & Infrastructure lawyers deliver seamless top-level expertise in cross border transactions. Using our network of offices around the world allows our clients to reduce the risks associated with operating across different jurisdictions.

我们能够为客户提供的主要司法管辖区的英语和纽约州法律的能力以及许多地方法律的能力,我们有无与伦比的经验,在新兴市场上的项目建议 拉丁美洲, 中东地区, 非洲 和 亚洲.

Our global alliance firms play an integral role to our Energy & Infrastructure offering. Our key alliance relationships include – 澳大利亚:集成的联盟和国际合资与阿伦的;中国 - 上海:联合作战办公室,在上海保税区钊盛律师事务所。 2019年5月,赵声获得正式批准,由北京司法局,在北京设立了分公司,这加强了我们在北京当地的中国法律容量接入; 印度尼西亚: an association with Widyawan & Partners; 沙特阿拉伯: an association with Zamakhchary & Co.; 和 南非: a collaborative alliance with Webber Wentzel. Zhao Sheng in 中国 和 Widyawan & Partners in 印度尼西亚 are closely integrated into the Linklaters network but maintain their status as separate firms for regulatory reasons. Beyond our strategic relationships, we have dedicated Regional Desk teams which over many years have developed a strong network of ‘best friends’ local firm relationships across nearly all jurisdictions.


我们提供通过我们的行业我们的客户在运营的经验务实,商业和增值的法律意见。我们总是接近交易与商业压力,我们的客户下运作的理解。我们的核心领域包括: 功率 (可再生和热), , 基础设施, 矿业, oil & gas,公用事业, 低碳, 技术, 空间, 化学制品 和 制造业.